V2A is a EBM-/Industrial/TBM/ Electro Project which was founded by Kevin Stewart (304) and Ines Lehmann (316) signed to TRISOL / DarkTunes Germany.

Since the release of the first album EBM in 2002 V2A take over dance floors and clubs worldwide and get the heartbeats of lovers of hard electronic music beat faster ….


In January 2001 Kevin Stewart (304) und Ines Lehmann (316) founded V2A. In Spring 2002 was the first time V2A were performing live at Zeche Carl in Essen (G.I.P.) Germany and afterwards followed a show at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig Germany.
Their music is tough-minded hard EBM / Industrial / TBM. In Autumn 2002 their first album EBM was released worldwide and V2A started to play on many shows and stages all over Europe and through their fascinating energic and exhaust-less Live-Shows the V2A fanbase grow enormously.

In March 2009 released their second album Mechanized Infantry – which accomplished several weeks Album Top 10 of the German DAC / GEWC charts and DUC in the Netherlands.
Their songs have conquered the dancefloors worldwide.

In April 2010 the 3. album “MACHINE CORPS” was released and was voted voted “BEST ALBUM EUROPE 2011″ in Germany – plus V2A was recovered and featured on BBC INTRODUCING -Radio with followed a 30 mins live recording session, studio interview at at BBC radio station to promote the album release.

V2A are becoming big players in the international scene which they confirm by the numerous headline shows and continuously growing fan base and now also are confirmed European tour support for COMBICHRIST 2012….

Their 4th Album DESTROYER OF WORLDS was released in 2015 which entered the German DAC Charts No 3 and held its position in the top 10 for several weeks.

A new chapter has begun….