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V2A – The Wasteland Chronicles #1: Doomsday

V2A - The Wasteland Chronicles #1 DOOMSDAY

Mad Max meets The Suicide Squad

Two years in the making, this is the Comic for the Post Apocalyptic Generation. V2A have teamed up with some of the very best artists, colourists and writers in what’s left of the old world, to bring the first volume of The Wasteland Chronicles to Kickstarter. For more details of what’s coming to a bunker near you, check out the link below… from Dec 5th.

Get clicking quick and grab a Day One Special, check out the über amazing extras, and gasp at those all-important stretch goals we love so much.

Prepare for Doomsday
Ladies and Gentlemen, Deviants, Warboys, and Feral Kids, pick up your thunder sticks, start your engines because we are Live on Kickstarter from Saturday December 5th.

Hit this link:  V2A – The Wasteland Chronicles #1: Doomsday

V2A – PURGE – The Official video

Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your controllers and play THE PURGE – if you dare.

This is the superb OFFICIAL VIDEO for the 6th track on V2A’s epic album: Heretic. Like what you hear? Fear what you hear? Buy it here! Click on the Web Shop link above.